Making Placements!

Here in Austin we have a lot of traditions.  One that we have is when a placement is made with an Account Rep and a Candidate Recruiter in the same office, we break out the tag team belts to celebrate!

Brent and Caitlin with the belts!!

Brent and Caitlin with the belts. Yes, the ARMY and NAVY posters are accurate. Brent is a West Pointer and Caitlin is a USNA grad!

What does a BMI ConferenceHire® event look like?

One question we get a lot is, “What does the ConferenceHire event look like in action”?  Sundays are informational and study days for the candidates.  This is when they are learning in-depth about the opportunities they will interview for on Monday.  Monday is game day!  Here are a few pics to help you visualize it.

This is what the room looks like where we brief the candidates about the job opportunities they will see at the event.  Occasionally a client will require the job seekers to take a test prior to an interview occurring.

Candidates taking a test.

Candidates taking a test.

Here is the front desk where our candidates check in (notice our lovely staff!).  Candidates usually check in by 9:00 AM on a Sunday.  They will get around two hours of interview prep and advice on their transition out of the military.

Here is the front desk where our candidates check in for the conference.

Here is the front desk where our candidates check in for the conference.

Here I am about to go into a briefing to help the candidates that will be interviewing with my client on Monday get up to speed.  Because our candidates are prior military and may not have had to interview before, we dress business formal as an example for the candidates on how they should look on Monday (no mohawks or ZZ Top beards!).

Here is what the candidates should dress like the day of the conference.

Getting ready for a ConferenceHire hiring event

Here is a little insight to how we prepare for a ConferenceHire hiring event.

Sourcing clients is job number one!  Without clients, there is no hiring event.  We source clients that fit the profile of candidates we have coming in.  Examples would be companies looking for Engineers, Technicians, Leadership / Management and Sales.

Once we identify a client, here are the steps we take to ensure we do a great job in putting a great line up of interviews and candidates together for them:

  • Detailed job descriptions
  • Facility / job locations
  • Salary ranges
  • Company benefits information
  • Recruiting literature for distribution to candidates during Sunday’s briefings
  • Literature on the area in which the job(s) is located (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Dates for follow-on interviews / plant visits

We use this information to match candidates with the available position(s). We’ll screen based on qualifications, location, and salary expectations. Our hiring events are always on a Sunday and Monday.  Here is a breakdown of an event.

Sunday (the day before interviews):

  • Candidates arrive early for a full day of interview prep and a company briefings.
  • Most corporate clients arrive in the evening. A Welcome Packet including resumes and Monday’s interview schedule are at the hotel check-in desk after 7:00 pm.


  • You will meet face to face with your client about 30-45 minuets before their first interview.
  • Clients interview out of their suite room.

Sample Monday schedule:

-8:00 am Half-hour interviews begin with scheduled breaks throughout the day
-12:00 pm Complimentary lunch
-1:00 pm Interviews continue
-4:30 pm Final interview
-5:00 pm Brief feedback session to identify candidates that they wish to pursue
-5:30 pm Clients depart unless staying for the night.

Candidates then provide the Bradley-Morris staff with a rank order of the companies they interviewed with.


  • The ConferenceHire Coordinator matches company feedback with candidate interest and makes recommendations for company follow-ups.
  • You’ll call your client to communicate the follow-on recommendations and to coordinate details for site visits and second interviews.

That’s the process. Clients appreciate our hiring events because they are a much more efficient use of their time than typical contingency hiring processes.

The Rookies are making some noise!

Here in Austin, we have a few new additions that are making a great impact on our office.  There is nothing better than seeing someone new get off to a fantastic start.

We also have a tradition here when you make your first placement.  It’s the world famous “Mexican Hat Dance”.  Here are a few photos if you have not heard of this world wide craze……

We also have a few other celebrations when you place a candidate such as:

  • Playing “The Price is Right” song
  • Moving your horse on the horse track that shows year to date billings
  • Turning on the disco ball (a favorite)
It keeps our atmosphere fun and celebrates accomplishments.


With us having such a family atmosphere, you often see wives, husbands, and children stopping by the office for lunch.  Here is my daughter Sophia taking over my desk.

Austin Office Halloween Party ’08

We had our office Halloween party last weekend.  It was a blast!  Here are some highlights: thriller



"Hall and Oats"

“Hall and Oats”

"Magnum P.I."

“Magnum P.I.”  – (pretty bad, I know)

“Prom Date Eater”


I will start this blog off with a big WELCOME!  My name is Eric Salzman and I have been a Bradley-Morris employee since July of ’02.  I have been asked to share what a typical “day in the life” of a Bradley-Morris Account Representative goes though.  Over the course of this blog, I will give you an in-depth look from how we run our military hiring conferences to how we good-naturedly roast employees on their anniversaries.  I’m excited to share my experiences about a place that has helped me grow leaps and bounds as a professional and a person.

Take care,